The book trilogy, Kildonan Chronicles, below are three adventure tales from the Celtic land of Kildonan.

There is a chapter from each book right here on this website! Read them and escape into the magick of Kildonan! Read on to find doorways into this ancient land.


The ancient language of Kildonan, written in Runes, is here and you can read it! Go to the Runes page! Click on the scroll below.

Does Clovenstone, the blue opal of power, even exist? Kildonan struggles in dark feudalism. Fiona hopes to find Clovenstone and reunite Kildonan. It's a long quest beset with danger. Buckle on your longsword, don your pack, and get going. Click the link to find Fiona:

A Quest

You'll have to fight your way through The Wild. You'll need your shortsword for this job. Are you ready? The enchanted isle disappeared 700 years ago. Find it! Go to Kildonan; just click the link :







The Darke rises again! Grab your knife and brush up on your magick spells!

Kildonan needs your help! Go now!

Blackridge is published and available at, Barnes and, any local bookstore, and for Kindle!

Read a Chapter in Blackridge!

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* Go see the Runes, the "ancient language" of the land of Kildonan.
Try your hand at translating lines of runes into modern English!



* Visit with the author, Ruth McIntyre Williams and see what she has to say
about herself , her writing, and her philosophy






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